Sponsor agrees to electronically sign this agreement no later than 12 a.m. May 1, 2016.   Failure to complete the electronic registration will result in the forfeiture of a sponsors claim to a region.

International Olympus Leather requires active cross promotion between Regions as well as International Olympus Leather Events. Sponsor agrees to mention the dates, location and contact information for other regions in their social media posts.  Sponsor agrees to mention of the dates and website for the next International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest in all publicity for their Regional Contest. 

Regional Sponsors who fail to send at least one (1) new eligible contestant to two (2) consecutive International Olympus Leather Contests, forfeit rights to their region, and that region may be reassigned directly following the application deadline for the second of the two (2) contests without consultation of the previous producer. Effective April 1, 2016 you may only appoint Mr. and Ms Titles in your first year of Olympus Leather Sponsorship in a region that has not held sponsorship in the year immediately preceding.

Sponsor agrees to maintain a social media account and event page on both Facebook and Fetlife social media networks. Both social media accounts and event pages must be updated, with pertinent information about your titleholders and event at least once quarterly.

Each sponsor agrees that their contestant(s) must hold their regional title for a period of no less than 8 months prior to the first day of the International Olympus Leather Contest for which they wish to sponsor one or more contestant(s).

Each sponsor agrees to hold a Regional Olympus Leather Contest, which shall include a Mr. and a Ms Title. Each title winner shall be sent to compete at the next available Finals at International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather. Contestant applications must be made available for both the Mr. and Ms Titles. If the sponsor can only get contestants representing one of the titles, then the Contest can go still go forward. A bona fide effort must be made to have contestants for both the Mr. and Ms Titles.

Each sponsor agrees to stay as close to the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest Finals format as possible. While each region may have its own unique needs, formatting of regional contests and the requirements to mirror the International Olympus Leather Format will help regional winners be comfortable while competing at International Olympus Leather.

Sponsor agrees to pay lodging and travel expenses for their Contestant(s). This burden can be minimized by participating in the Entry Fee Waiver Ticket Sales Program provided by International Olympus Leather and also by producing travel fund benefits prior to sending Contestants to International Olympus Leather.

Each Sponsor agrees to have diversity in the selection of judges for their Contest.

Each Sponsor, Contestant, ancillary personnel, and participants agree to hold blameless International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather, its producers, staff, weekend volunteer personnel, and/or other state/regional sponsors for injuries, economic loss, or any liability, incurred. Additionally, each Sponsor, Contestant, ancillary personnel, and participants agree to pay all court costs in any litigation that may arise from any legal action taken by the aforementioned against International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather.

Once a Sponsor successfully fulfills the obligations and full participation in an International Olympus Leather Contest Weekend, renewal as Sponsor will be automatic, unless International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather finds cause, stated herein or otherwise, for removal of sponsorship or if the Sponsor wishes to resign. Resigning as a Sponsor requires written notice to International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather within sixty (60) days before or after the International Olympus Leather Contest Weekend.

Transfer of Sponsorship may be permitted upon approval by the Producers of International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The transferee sponsor must agree to execute a new sponsorship agreement prior to assuming any official capacity as a Sponsor.

Regional Contest Producers agree to all of the terms in all sections listed above.



The Leather community is comprised

of an extremely diverse group of people

ranging from the MC/Leather/Levi clubs

to the heaviest SM edge player Olympus

Leather is a stage for non-biased visibility.

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The Olympus Leather Mr/Ms/Mx

International & Regional Titles seek

to promulgate traditional Leather

values without bias regarding an

individual's age, ability or identity.

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